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Dive and Sail Agency is owned and operated by a team of like-minded individuals ready to help you plan your next diving trip. Every member of our team has worked somewhere throughout the world as a professional diver in the tourism industry. We have enjoyed every underwater moment, from our close encounters with Hammerheads, Mantas, and Whale Sharks to all the beautiful underwater scenes that made us fall in love with diving in the first place, we really enjoy sharing our diving experience with our guests onboard, sometimes as daytrip tour leaders or as instructors and dive guides. Together, our many years of combined experiences have given us all an understanding of what divers and guests expect and need on their perfect holidays anywhere in the world. From the best destinations and the various kinds of boats on offer for a romantic diving cruise or full boat charters, let our Team help you find the cheapest, safest, and most fun-filled options available. Professional Divers dedicated to your diving wishes, Open 7 days a week to give you all possible availabilities and the actual best offer…

“Our Team”

Dive and Sail Agency is owned by the same passionate divers as Dive and Cruise Agency and you can find a little resume of our Managing Team Here, others divers around the world give us a hand as a part time job, writing blog, updating our diving liveaboard schedule and joining our guest on different trip as Dive Leader.
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Diving Liveaboard

Below you can find a list of the different Diving Liveaboard we are working with around the world, this is just a part of it as we do have more than 300+ choices available, online or kept secret ;-), just click on it to see the full details.

Adelaar, Adora, Amba, Ambai, Andaman Tritan, Andromeda, Aqua Cat, Aqua Tiki 2, Arenui, Argo, Ari Jaya, Ari Queen, Astrea, Atlantis Azores, Aurora, Avalon Fleet I, Avalon Fleet II, Bahamas Aggressor, Banka Ona, Belize Aggressor 3, Belize Aggressor 4, Black Manta, Blue Horizon II, Blue Manta, C-Echo 2, C-Echo I, Cajoma IV, Calico Jack, Caribbean Explorer 2, Carina, Carpe Diem, Carpe Novo Explorer, Carpe Vita Explorer, Cassiopeia, Cayman Aggressor 4, Celebes Explorer, Cheng Ho, Chertan, Conte Max, Damai 1, Damai 2, Deep Andaman Queen, Dewi Nusantara, Dhaainkan Baa, Dhoni Stella 2, Dhoni Stella I, Discovery Adventure, Discovery Palawan, Diva Andaman, DiveRACE Class E, Dolce Vita, Dolphin Dream, Dolphin Queen, Dominator, Dream Voyager, Dreams, Dschubba, Duke of York, Eagleray, Emperor Asmaa, Emperor Atoll, Emperor Elite, Emperor Superior, Emperor Voyager, Enjoy Egypt, Euphoria, Febrina, Felo, Fiji Aggressor, Fiji Siren, Flying Seahorse, French Polynesia Master, Fun Azul Maldives, Galapagos Aggressor 3, Galapagos Master, Galapagos Sky, Galatea, Georgiana, Giamani, Grand Sea Serpent, Gurahali, Halcón, Hallelujah, Honors Legacy, Hope Cruiser, Humboldt Explorer, Indo Aggressor, Indo Siren, Inula, ISIS Cruiser, Jambo, Juliette, Kalimantan Explorer, Katharina, Kethi, King Snefro 3, King Snefro 5, King Snefro 6, King Snefro love, King Snefro Pearl, King Snefro Spirit, King Snefro Target, Kona Aggressor 2, La Reina, Lalunia, Leo, Leo Force, Maavahi, Maldives Aggressor, Maldives Siren, Mangguana, Mantamae, Mantra, Mermaid 1, Mermaid 2, Moana, Mona Lisa, Moonima, Mosaique, Mutiara Laut, Nai’a, Narval, Nautilus Belle Amie, Nautilus Explorer, Nortada, Nusa Tara, Ocean Divine, Ocean Hunter 1, Ocean Hunter 3, Ocean Oasis, Ocean Sapphire, Odyssey Red Sea, Okeanos Aggressor, Okeanos Aggressor 2, Oktavia, Ombak Putih, Ondina, Orion, Palau Aggressor II, Palau Siren, Panunee, Pawara, Pearl of Papua, Pelagian, Peter Pan, Philippines Siren, Pratiwi, Princess Haleema, Princess Rani, Princess Ushwa, Putri Papua, Quino el Guardian, Rags 2, Raja Ampat Aggressor, Raja Ampat Explorer, Raja Laut, Red Sea Aggressor, Red Sea Nautilus, Rocio Del Mar, Rock Islands Aggressor, Royal Evolution, Sai Mai, Scubaspa Yang, Scubaspa Ying, Sea Bird, Sea Escape, Sea Hunter, Sea Pearl, Sea Safari 6, Sea Safari 7, Sea Safari 8, Sea Shell, Sea Star, Seadoors, Seafriend, Seahorse, Seven Seas, Shakti, Sharifa, Shear Water, Similan Explorer, Solitude One, Solmar V, Somboon 3, Somboon 4, Soul, Southern Sport, Spirit of Freedom, Spoilsport Mike Ball, Stella Maris Explorer, Stingray, Tambora, Tarata, TemuKira, Thai Sea, Thailand Aggressor, The Junk, Theia, Thorfinn, Tiger Blue, Tortuga, Truk Master, Truk Odyssey, Turks & Caicos Aggressor II, Turks and Caicos Explorer 2, Valentina, Vasco, Vilai Samut, Virgo, Waow, Warisan Komodo, Wellenreng, White Manta, Yemaya

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Here we would like to present ourselves and give a little insight into how Dive and Cruise & Dive and Sail began. After several years of working in the diving industry as guides and instructors, while leading a seasonal and nomadic backpacker lifestyle where we moved from place to place following the sun, we now have a family to support and to grow, so we decided settle down and open a Diving Travel Agency.

We knew our knowledge and experience which we gained while working in the industry; in the water, on the boats, and face to face with guests from all over the world all the time, could be used to help people book the best liveaboard trips for them.

We work everyday of the week to offer our clients the best deals, the best boats and the best advice available for their diving holidays.

In the portfolio below are some pictures of our team, and on the next page you can find personal descriptions of each member, to get a better idea of who we are and where we are from.

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- by E-Mail : contact@diveandcruise.com
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Hong Kong : +852 8198 1040 / USA +1-424 230-7747 / France : +33 970 440 714 / Suisse : +41 22 548 37 70
- by Skype : dive-and-cruise

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Thank you so much for your trust in our services, we’ll do the maximum for you anywhere...

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